Project Class - Steak flipper

Project Class - Steak flipper


Class Description: Steak Flipper

Date: TBD
Time: 4 PM – 8 PM

Location: McMurry School Of Iron Arts (in the McMurry Blacksmith Shop, Roberts, ID)

In this exciting class, you'll dive into the art of blacksmithing and craft your very own steak flipper, the essential tool for grilling enthusiasts! Get ready to unleash your creativity, learn fundamental blacksmithing techniques, and create a personalized and durable tool that will elevate your BBQ experience.

During this hands-on workshop, you'll learn the foundational skills of blacksmithing in a classroom setting. From heating and shaping metal to forging and finishing, you'll gain the knowledge and techniques needed to create a functional and high-quality steak flipper. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced blacksmith, this class welcomes participants of all skill levels.

Equipped with a fully equipped blacksmithing forge, you'll have access to all the necessary tools and materials. Our instructor will guide you through the entire process, offering valuable insights, tips, and techniques to help you achieve the best results.

By the end of the "Steak Flipper" class, you'll proudly take home a handcrafted steak flipper that is ready to tackle any grilling challenge.

Join us in the world of "Steak Flipper" and begin your blacksmithing journey!


Prerequisites: NONE. This is a standalone class suitable for all skill levels.

Note: Classes are released early to Members for two full weeks before they are offered to the general public.

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