Our Story

About the Company

McMurry Hand Forged was born out of an insatiable curiosity for all things old and rusty.

My childhood was shaped while in the shed along side my father as he redeemed all the broken things through pure ingenuity. Nothing was too broken or beyond repair. Often his creative repairs were birthed from the challenge of an empty pocket. 

    His tenacity was reborn in me. 

My forge can be found off of the beaten path, tucked in amongst the rolling farmland near Roberts, Idaho. It is in this sanctuary where I redeem cast off shards of metal, revive the forgotten histories of rusty tools, and forge new items that will stand the test of time.

The McMurry family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support.

The purchase of McMurry Hand Forged cookware supports small business, and helps us enjoy our small little slice of paradise with our beautiful twins Nash and Esme.
From Justin, Rebecca, Nash, Esme, and innumerable chickens ducks, turkeys. guinea hens, and other farm animals, we wish you many excellent meals full of love and joy!

About the crew

We are a very small operation!

Justin McMurry

Owner, Founder, Blacksmith

Justin working on a sweet pea handle at the anvil

Justin and Becki McMurry, Owners of McMurry Hand Forged
Justin is the maker of every piece that leaves our shop, and is the driving force behind each new design. His passion for Blacksmithing started at a very young age when he was given the opportunity to "help" in the Blacksmith shop at Sutter's Fort in Sacramento, California. "Helping" consisted of simply just pumping the bellows and being a general "go-fer", as the kind old man running the forge there wanted Justin to be involved, but still wanted him to be safe. It was enough. Ever since, Justin has chased that thrill for shaping metal to one's own whims with fire, hammer and anvil. He is fascinated by the creative process of making, and loves seeing what people create in the pieces he’s made! He is his Father's son, and loves research for research’s sake, and so, finds himself going down the rabbit hole on random subjects from history all the way to science nearly every day. Learning something new every day is the best!


Becki McMurry

Owner, Customer Service, Shipping and Receiving, Order Management, Social Media

Becki and her mom Nancy, at Justin and Becki's Wedding

A recent pic of Justin and Becki When they were in Tahoe! I think Justin's face has Becki a little worried. 😂
Becki is the one you talk to when you contact us! She manages our social media presence and handles all email exchanges. She loves serving our awesome customers and delights in their success! She always says that it's THE BEST when our customers tag us in their pics showing what they’ve cooked in our cookware. It’s like they become a part of our family! She loves thinking that we are part of so many peoples’ family stories through our cookware in some small way. Meals bring the family together! She loves to cook, and is always testing new products at home! She loves reading and being a Mom to our twins, Nash and Esme.


Mark McMurry

Wholesale Manager, Production Manager, Machinist, Deep Thinker, Machine Faith Healer and Old Tool Spiritualist

No longer on site (we moved away! We are working on getting him to follow us...) but still a part of the operation through consultation, advice, sage wisdom, and also CAD and CAM.

Papa and Leahbug

Papa Mark, and his granddaughter Leah bug bein' silly

Mark and Jim

Mark and his good buddy Jim at a recent show they played!


Mark is Justin’s dad, and came to us when we first started out on this journey full time. His experience as an old school machinist, engineer and Master Polymath has been absolutely invaluable to us as we’ve grown and expanded. Literally every problem we’ve faced, or hurdle we’ve had to jump has been met with his calm cool demeanor, and gentle, “You know, I remember seeing this problem before.” Don't quote the old magic to him, he was there when it was written. Often, it seems as though he can fix a problem with an old machine just through the laying on of hands. Mark is an audiophile through and through, and enjoys making music with several bands as an extremely accomplished sound engineer, as well as lending his skills as a guitarist from time to time. He describes himself as having an acute problem with GAS, that is to say, Guitar Acquisition Syndrome, as he never met a guitar he didn't like.