We use BuzzyWaxx exclusively on our pans for the first rounds of seasoning. We love how easy it is to apply, and what an excellent glossy finish it puts on carbon steel as well as cast iron! 

From their website:


For Seasoning and Conditioning

Many folks ask about seasoning their cast iron or carbon steel and up-keep of the seasoning. This product mixes two amazing oils with high smoke points and Beeswax to bond everything together. By doing so we make one amazing seasoning and maintenance method for your cast iron and carbon steel! Beeswax has been used on cast Iron for hundreds of years. Some folks use it alone, but by combining two high smoke point oils to the mixture at the right amount, your cast iron will be dark, stick free and great for cooking time and time again. It works from bare iron seasoning using three rounds at 480-500 degrees for one hour, to wiping it on a clean pan that's warming itself dry on your stove top to keep it maintained and ready for the use! BuzzyWaxx is made for Cast Iron people, by Cast Iron people. We know and understand how to make a better, well efficient seasoning product.

BuzzyWaxx can be used and applied for daily up-keep of your cookware or for seasoning from bare iron. You can apply this to add rounds of seasoning even if your cookware already has pre-seasoning on it.

We are considering possibly stocking buzzywaxx here in our store! We love the stuff and always have plenty on hand!

(Protip: It also works great as a woodfinish to touch up dry spots on your furniture...)